100 influential photos

Garth and Lisa but their real names were later revealed to be Elizabeth and Bengt. One night in 1982 Garth was enraged with a perceived slight while Lisa was in the bathroom of their suburban home in New Jersey he beat his wife leaving her nothing to do but cry and cower in a corner. Normally domestic situations happened behind closed doors and if you are put in that situation you normally act okay because you think no one knows however how this picture was even captured the day Garth beat Lisa, photographer Donna Ferrato was in the room while this happened and snapped a photo of this abusive situation. This photo was very interesting because it looked like a domestic case and it was and the fact that this photographer was even able to get this picture is very astonishing to me because you never know what could’ve happened to her so i consider it a brave act


From my knowledge it is safe to say that Birmingham, Alabama was one of the most racist cities you could have been in during the civil war. In the summer of 1963 the time John F. Kennedy was in office Birmingham was infuriated with the black residents and their allies however would always ruin into problems with the white structure trying to keep and maintain segregation and they were willing to do whatever it took. For example from what I know white structure such as the Ku Klux Klan attacked the freedom riders bus in 1941 in Alabama. During the civil war Moore captured this imagine during a riot of a police dog tearing a mans pants not only would they let their dogs attack these people of color but they would also use the hoses on fire trucks. This picture spread awareness and the Civil Rights Act was passes of 1964 a year later. I chose this picture because it was so powerful seeing what thee people are fighting for and i know a good hand full bout the civil rights movement like with the freedom writers and JFK doing what he could to make sure were equal and have rights so its a topic I have a lot to say on so I chose it to speak on it

In this picture it shows a man otherwise known to the press as Emmett Till, he became notorious for what two white men did to him in August of 1955. In Mississippi as he is going to visit relatives but he stopped at a grocery store where he then met Carolyn Bryant it was said to believe that Emmitt “flirted” with her but till this day no one really knows what happened. The only thing true that we are aware of is that Carolyn’s husband Rob removed him from his great uncles house and beat him along with his cousin. They beat him, shot him, and strung barb wire and a 75 pound metal fan around his neck then proceeded to throw the body in the river. Emmitt was a teenager, and the reason I chose to speak on this photo was because this is not the first time I heard Emmitt’s name I first heard about this incident in middle school and like most cases today with white on black crime, Rob was able to walk free not a care in the world while a mother is grieving over her again teenage son which is not right has never been right but there’s not much you can do with a “justice” system like ours.

all about me collage

In this collage I tried to fit everything that represents me, well mostly however I feel like this suits me the best. For my hobbies I have a volleyball because I do play my number is five and I’ve been playing for about 4 years now its my favorite sport to play and watch and then a makeup pallet because I love makeup I’ve only been doing makeup for a year and a half, lastly for my hobbies I’m a sneakerhead I collect sneakers I try to get my hands one new releases I go crazy for them my shoes mean everything to me, I have my favorite movie of all time in their which is back to the future. My music choices are very simple I love rock band music but I only put my favorite band in there which is sublime and then I listen to oldies as well both rock music and oldies I grew up on, then theirs my favorite singer which is joji and another album is “flower boy” by Tyler the creator and lastly the thing I eat almost everyday which is chick fil a I absolutely love it I could eat there all day and never get tried of it.


action and motion blur

ss-1/640 ISO-800/2000

ss-1/500 ISO-800/2000

ss-1/80 ISO-32/2500

ss- 1/40 ISO-32/2500

when I was taking these photos the original photo I took for motion blur was the photo with a shutter speed of 1/80. Although it is blurred I figured it could be a little slower so I lowered the shutter speed to 1/40 and I like how that picture came out better and to me that picture does represent motion and blur due to the car moving.