Top photographer


In the first episode of top photographer five contestants arrive to New York. The contestants are Andrew, Scott, Chris, Roxy, and Jamiya all are photographers competing amongst one another to see who’s photography skills are the best, as soon as arriving to New York they get straight to work with their first team challenge which is sports addition which they are getting the opportunity to shoot an Olympic athlete that just got back from Rio, he is a fencer. Roxy was the one that prevails during this challenge because she was able to make everything to her liking. In the second episode of the top photographer their challenge was a Fashion photography challenge, also contestants have to make the perfect image for an advertisement with the fall fashion line of a designer Pamela Roland, they took pictures of models to help this designer sell dresses. Jamiya Took the crown on this challenge as a Beauty photographer  Because he listened and took advice from one of the judges


Salvador Dali was a Surrealist painter and was known for exploring things such a subconscious imagery. His art focused on unlocking the power of the imagination. He disliked rationalism and literary realism and was also believed believed that the conscious mind repressed imagination and creativity. Surrealism then became the most influential movement in twentieth century art. I liked this picture by him it caught my eye more then everything else, at first this picture was very confusing to me trying to figure everything out they see and say different thing like what the person sees in other people through their eyes and uses other peoples voices for them its almost like their soul is not there


My composition in the first picture could have been better, the framing was off center were it should have been more focused. When editing the first photo I did not do much because to me I thought it looked good as is I just tweaked a bit but I wanted to let the picture speak for itself you can say. For my composition in the second photo with the mailbox I thought it was so good at least to me I saw a good opportunity for a photo so I took it and the frame of the mailbox was so good and looking out of it I just looked so good to me I did edit with the lighting and after it just was brought all together and I was happy with it

File Formats

JPEG: Compressed quickly and results in a loss of detail and in quality.

TIFF: Are much bigger files and it can be compressed.

RAW: available on advanced compact cameras and DSLRs and is compressed using a process that has all the information captured.

DNG: it can store RAW files as DNG files by the Adobe DNG Convertor and you can keep them long-term

PNG: Retains in all the digital detail and allows partial or total transparency

GIF: it can’t have more than 256 colors it is good for animation and maintain only full transparency and not partial.

BMP: made by Microsoft and has a larger file size, it saves color data in each pixel and is high quality, good for printing and not for web usage.

PSD: Allows for manipulation on specific individual layers, you can do fine retouching using the layers which allows great flexibility when you can add, remove or edit any layers.

lenses read and write

1-automatic mode: Works with your camera to use its best judgment to select shutter speed with balance to take the best shot it can

2-portrait mode: If you switch your camera to portrait mode your camera will select a large aperture this mode works best when you’re taking pictures of a single subject

3-macro mode: This mode is great for shooting very small objects if you use this mode you notice that it’s more difficult  to shoot a short distance because of the depth of field

4-landscape mode: Landscape is the opposite of portrait mode which means it captures wide scenes particularly with distances from the camera

5-sport mode: this mode is for shooting more face paced objects but it can freeze and increase shutter seed

6-night mode: this is for shooting in low light situations and you need to set your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help you capture certain details of the background

7-movie mode: this mode helps extends your camera from taking still images to capturing moving ones

8-semi automatic mode: where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings so as to ensure you have a well balanced exposure

9-shutter priority: this is similar to auto but gives you a little more control over other features including white balance ISO an flash

10-Program mode: you have full control over your camera to think about settings including shutter speed aperture and ISO it gives you the flexibility to set up your shots as you wish

11-fully manual mode: this is for taking shots a panoramic scene that will be later can join to another image to be one

13-snow mode: this is to help with bright lighting such as snow

14-firework mode: fire Motors for shooting firework displays

15-kids mode: this speeds of shutter speeds and reduces shutter lag

16-under water mode: this has its own unique set of exposure


self portrait

this picture I would say has a lot to do with me as as a person everything around me can be so fast paced but I feel I’m still taking my time with everything processing how I feel. There’s no one around me when sometimes I can feel empty or even maybe sad of how gloomy everything may be but yet I can still be so at peace the darkness of this picture is almost calming to me it makes me feel calm and you can take your time and breathe and just reflect on everything going on around when you feel like everything can be a lot. Which taking your time for me is something very big because i get overwhelmed fast and can panic sometimes when I like everything to be calm and serene

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman’s art is something very out of the ordinary however this picture stand out a lot to me this women looks very strong and beautiful yet the picture is very gloomy and dark which could represent she could have had a dark past the contrast of the women and the gloomy background could mean a lot but when I see it it feels almost as she has a lot of pain within her